The ideally balanced method

In class the teacher helps you

  • To understand the language
  • To speak fluently

Between classes, with the Android application, you

  • Sharpen the pronunciation by repeating phrases after the native speaker
  • Memorize phrases without much effort, repeating them at the optimal time intervals calculated for you by the program
  • The system recognizes your voice, offers hints, gives grades and adjusts to a comfortable pace for you to learn
  • It doesn’t clutter your brain with unnecessary information
  • It’s an organic method, based on repeating phrases
  • It doesn’t require much effort
  • It doesn’t take a lot of personal time
  • Управление голосом бережет зрение – можно заниматься не глядя на экран смартфона
  • The result is obvious after each class, and is shown in figures
  • The ideally balanced method

Practice language constructions instead of memorizing rules

If you correctly follow the system hints, phrases and words are learned in the process without effort

At home you just have to listen and speak to the app.
Minimum time, maximum effect

This system will repeat the material with you, so that it won’t be forgotten

Our combined method “System + Teacher” guarantees fast

Because you can
progress quickly
you’ll be eager
to get a teacher’s assessment

Easy lessons
at any place;
can be combined
with other